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Mould Stop

Mould Stop


Special bio-degradable ingredients that effectively kills fungi, algae, bacteria and their spores. Tile Doctor Mould Stop removes mould, mildew and black stains from grouting in kitchens, jacuzzis, baths, basins and showers. Ideal for use in homes, health and sports clubs, restaurants, etc.

• 10-12 m²/lt, depending on the surface porosity

• Protective gloves and respiratory equipment should be worn, especially when applying overhead or in draughty areas.
• Do not allow the product to come into contact with unsuitable surfaces, clothing or materials as staining or discoloration may occur.

• Caution: This product contains ingredients that are hazardous.
• In case of accidental contact with eyes, wash the affected area with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
• This product is harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting, call your local poison centre or doctor.